Lucasraps Best Rapper In Africa Lyrics
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Lucasraps Best Rapper In Africa Lyrics

Best African Rapper: Lucasraps Lucasraps’ Hip Hop song “Best Rapper In Africa” has full lyrics available.


Full Song Lyrics below:

Man, fuck what’s out now, it’s just hot now
‘Cause I ain’t drop yet, nigga
Toe to toe, let’s get it guerilla
I’m the only lil’ nigga dropping niggas with my lyrics
Ain’t nobody doing it really the way I deliver
My pen can hit your liver, make you shiver
Turn this weakness into bitter
Check my pockets, that’s how you know that I kill it
Doing tricks on the beat like I’m doing kick flips
I could really fuck it up
Make your favourite rapper kick the bucket, bro
Hop on the beat and I heard to double up
Your time is up
I know I’m blessed like I suffer from sinuses
I got a lot on my back and it’s all on me
They triеd to fuck around and take the heart on mе
But what’s a O without a G?
My whole anatomy is full of energy
Uh, let me get smooth with it
I’m a real ass rapping African
About to spazz again
Adrenalin is all I’m feeling, man
I treat these rappers like some dinner, man
Sweets like the M&Ms
I’m here to vent like I don’t know anything
I’m here to rap and I hope it’s making sense
I switch gears, homie
Like I never had no fears, homie
The ocean is full of my tears, homie
I’m ’bout to make you my peers, homie
Fucked up, don’t come here, homie
I lost a lot of my will, homie
I’m running like I still want it
I’ll cut your head if you steal from me
I own the keys to my mansion
I had the whip, yeah I bagged it
I sold it back and made half of it, nigga
Get your planner in
Real ass rapper
Yeah Lucasraps I’m South African

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